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ZUMBA picture found on official website. I do not own the rights to this photo.

As you’re watching the snow falling, eating your cookies and drinking your hot chocolate, are you thinking about the latest diet? To be honest, who would?!

However, as soon as January hits, people will be hitting the gym to work off the holiday food and prepare for spring and summer. Once again we will see ads all over the TV claiming they can make you drop weight like it’s nothing.

ZUMBA fitness recognizes that some people will never be a size two; in fact, some people may be healthier as a size 12. So go ahead and enjoy that holiday cake, just do it in moderation!

The new sizing chart brings positivity into all different sizes. According to the ZUMBA official website, XS is not extra- small, it’s called “extra-spicy.” Meanwhile, XL is “extra lovely.”

When shoppers visit their website to purchase items, they will be able to size themselves using a sizing chart that will direct you how to measure yourself the best way you can.

“Here are the things a size won’t tell you: How awesome you are. (Like, ridiculously awesome.) What a great hair day you’re having,” “How good you sound singing in the shower. Ya know the important stuff. It’s not just about a size; it’s about a state of mind.”

Women and men can both benefit to this new sizing chart, but if you’re still nervous about finding out how the product is, just read the reviews on their website.

The reviews are honest and from the buyers themselves; they also contain both positive and negative reviews on items so you can decide for yourself if this is the best item for you.


ZUMBA App: Dance Anywhere.


So we all know there are moments when we just feel like breaking out in dance right? The football players do it when they get a touchdown why can’t the average person?

ZUMBA fitness has an App ready to meet these needs. Dance anywhere, but of course don’t use it while you drive!

“Calling all potential Zumba Dance app lovers! You asked for it, and here it is: The #ZumbaDance app is now available on your smartphone! So you can bring out the party between Zumba classes…and then tuck it neatly away in your back pocket when you’re through. It’s like your personal on-call party to go,” ZUMBA official Facebook.

How does it work?

Create a profile with your age, height and weight to personalize your workout. Then, get started. You can try a song at a time or do a full workout.

A small screen shot of your moves will be in the corner of the game as well as the animated ZUMBA instructor. It will detect your moves.

According to, a site that reviews Apps and rates them individually for potential buyers, the game price may be misleading but is worth it in the end. The $4.99 App comes with six songs to start with but those who wish to purchase more can.

“Additional song packs can be purchased in the store and range from $9.99 for 15 songs $24.99 for 43 new tracks. Furthermore, the app can only read one person at a time so there is currently no Zumba multiplayer for those wishing to compete with friends,”

Not sold on having an animated ZUMBA instructor? While it may not be enjoyable to some, other ZUMBA games have been very popular.

22-year-old college student, Elizabeth O’Keeffe,  has had a good experience with ZUMBA using the Wii system. “Honestly it does feel like a workout because I have felt the burn and yes I would try ZUMBA in a real life class I just don’t have time to do it,” she said.

Maybe this new ZUMBA App will help individuals who need better time management? Or has the ZUMBA gaming gone too far? Please share your opinion bellow!

One foot in front of the other!

What is ZUMBA?

ZUMBA is a dance workout founded in 2001 by Alberto “Beto” Perez. It incorporates dance steps from all over the world and adds fitness moves to get your heartbeat up! According to the official website, 185 countries are participating in this world wide party!

Is ZUMBA really a workout?

Not all of us are born to run on a tread mill. Certainly not all of us are born to be football players or the next NBA star. Most of us hate counting calories and some even refuse to go inside a gym. What are they afraid of? They are afraid to be the largest person in the room, the slowest person on an elliptical and that person who can’t even lift a 5 pound weight. But isn’t going to a gym and going on crazy diets what we are supposed to do to get fit? A person who hates sports will always hate their daily work out right? Not necessarily. How would you feel if you enjoyed going to sweat? If you danced to a rhythm that kept your feet moving so fast…you didn’t even notice you got a work out until the next morning! That’s the goal of ZUMBA. But it is really a work out? Let’s do some math.

According to, a website built on calculating the amount of calories an individual burns doing a type of physical exercise; a 150 pound person can burn approximately 430 calories in a 60 minute ZUMBA session. That’s a lot of calories.

Does ZUMBA mean anything?

No, the word ZUMBA does not mean anything. It was a word invented by the creator, Alberto “Beto” Perez. However, a participant of the ZUMBA culture could argue that ZUMBA represents a group of people letting go of their worries to dance to the rhythm of music from around the world. The following was taken directly from the official ZUMBA website.

“The word ZUMBA® was coined by our company, and is an arbitrary or fanciful word we selected as the original brand name that identifies Zumba Fitness’ dance fitness programs and related products,”

Where do I begin?

For those readers not interested in making a move into a public ZUMBA class or for those wanting to save a few dollars, ZUMBA can be done with a computer in your own home. You don’t have to buy the latest DVDs, even though they are extremely helpful. Just log onto YouTube, lock your bedroom door, close the blinds, and dance away! That’s right, ZUMBA instructors use YouTube to advertise their classes. So don’t be shy, click away. If you like the music,, ITunes and the website will be sure to have your favorite ZUMBA jam. Don’t worry too much about the steps at first, just have fun. In my next blog I will review the steps and styles of ZUMBA. Until then, for those adventurous readers ready to jump into the game, try looking up local instructors on the official website.


Links to YouTube Videos

Video one:  Official ZUMBA fitness video


Video two: Male instructor teaching a routine.


Video three: Female instructor teaching a routine.