ZUMBA Community 101

Are you a new member of the ZUMBA community? Newly certified instructor? The ZUMBA community has so much to offer, Maryland is filled with wonderful groups to join that will have  you dancing all day long!

The first thing a new student or instructor can do is network with local instructors. On the official website you can find a ZUMBA instructor in your area that can help break you into the community.

Joining networks such as Facebook are always a good tool to make some friends in the community. Local instructors will have groups dedicated online to their classes.

Local ZUMBA instructor, Amanda Strand, has a Facebook Page dedicated to her enthusiastic group. Strand teaches at multiple locations including at the Urbana fire hall.

Facebook is also a great way for local instructors to help advertise for opportunities such as job openings. Find the online group for your area and join in on the fun!

For those who love to dress up, some local ZUMBA instructors are throwing Halloween themed classes to change up the routine. Local instructor, Jesse Roderick is having a themed ZUMBA party with her local Hood students Wednesday, Oct. 30th.

Are you introverted? The internet ZUMBA community can help you get to know other people. YouTube is a wonderful place to subscribe to channels of local instructors and get ideas for future classes!

Instructors like Amanda Strand will post videos that can get a discussion going. Want to be in front of the camera instead? Break into the community and volunteer to help dance in a video for a local instructor.

Although there are many ways to break into a new community, one of the best ways is to bring a friend. Come with a friend that will motivate you to have fun and rock the dance floor.


ZUMBA and Video Games

As we get into a more advanced age of technology, the ZUMBA brand is adjusting itself to meet the needs of its audience. This brings us to today’s topic, video games.

That’s right; instead of having to pick out a cute outfit, (after you change three times), find those ever-missing car keys, and drive to the nearest gym, you can simply turn on your game consul!

Now, while some people say that violent video games can lead to problems when a child grows older, a ZUMBA dance fitness game might lead to…a fit lifestyle? Talk about a scary thought for Halloween time!

The idea is to bring convenience and family fun into the living room. The latest ZUMBA video game is called ZUMBA Fitness World Party, which is set to release in November.

This new game is available for Wii, Wii U, Kinect for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. According gamezone.com, a website designed to review the newest gaming trends, the new video game is a new design with, “improved mechanics and a complete visual overhaul.”

So what does the new ZUMBA video game look like? It has real life instructors, exotic backgrounds and 40 songs to dance to.

According to this article, the scoring system is based on how well the player is moving to the rhythm of the beat, the energy behind each movement and the accuracy of following along. This new game is adjustable to all ZUMBA enthusiast tastes.

“Then there’s Class Mode, which lets you engage in ZUMBA in a more structured manner like you would do if you were actually taking a class,”  David Sanchez, gamezone.com blogger wrote.

Sanchez continued: “You can choose between 20-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute classes and get the workout you desire by creating playlists.”

Although this video game seems like the next big thing, if you’re looking to party with more than five people, you may just be out of luck according to Sanchez.

“On the Wii U and Wii, up to four players can get together and enjoy their Zumba workouts. Strangely, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions only support two players,” Sanchez wrote.

So what’s the lesson here? Video games can be healthy, fun and convenient. However, if you try this new game and get discouraged, don’t give up. Try a ZUMBA class in person!

ZUMBA Conferences

Calling all ZUMBA instructors! The next ZUMBA conference is set for Jan. 31st through Feb. 2nd.

What is a conference?
For all of those new to the ZUMBA community, a ZUMBA conference is a three day event that brings together all ZUMBA fitness instructors.
Why should I attend?
Instructors can network and learn how to advance their skills. Group fitness instructors can also get credit for attending the event and taking the classes.
At these conferences, ZUMBA instructors are offered training sessions to master skills. Classes can include focusing on a certain style of dance to advancing your career.
For those interested in more fun activities, you will not be disappointed! This upcoming conference offers a ZUMBA fitness-concert as well as a Saturday night event theme party.
“In the past we’ve rocked it ’80s-style, danced through the decades, gone global with a world-themed fest and kept it classy with a white party. So what’s up this time, you ask? Join the party and find out,” Official ZUMBA website.
What is a ZUMBA fitness-concert?
ZUMBA instructors travel from all over to attend these concerts. Imagine a concert where there is not the hit of smoke or alcohol. Where everyone is actually good at dancing! You also may see a celebrity there.
This interactive concert will have you jumping up on your feet with everyone else.
Is there a fee?

Yes, the cost of travel, food and tickets come at a price. Currently the price for tickets to attend the conference in advance is $369, for a rush order it costs $399 to attend. Keep in mind this is not including the cost of travel, hotel, gifts to take home or food.

Teaching Tuesdays: How to become a ZUMBA instructor.

From the back row, to the front of the show, you are now the ZUMBA star of your class. You are the instructors personal stalker, showing up at all his/her classes.
At night clubs, you find yourself using ZUMBA movies, and of course the signature ‘Beto 7’ move created by the master himself! So now, what’s next?
Get ZUMBA licensed of course!
How do you become an instructor?

Step One: Ask your instructor to be a guide.
Everyone needs a guide, so why not ask your favorite instructor to help lead the way? They can help introduce you to the local ZUMA community!

Step Two: Sign up for ZUMBA training near you!
Log onto the official website, decide if you want to get your Basics 1 Training or ZUMBA Gold Training first. The training cost for ZUMBA Basics is $225 in advance, $285 for a rushed purchase. So don’t wait too long to claim your spot! These trainings can fill up.

Step Three: Attend the Training
Clear your day to attend the training. You will dance for hours, make friends, be taught by the best of the best, and by the end the day you will have your license to teach! The day will be filled with lectures on how to make the ZUMBA way work for you and still be true to the company.

Step Four: Join ZIN
ZIN stands for the ZUMBA International Network. It has a monthly fee to join, but for most people this is well worth the money. In order to take anything besides ZUMBA Gold and ZUMBA Basics, you must be a ZIN member. On this website are teaching tips, merchandise, marketing tools, tools to create your own website and much more. Unless you are a ZIN member, your license to teach will expire in one year. This means, the now expired instructor will have to pay and do the training all over again.

Step Five: Protect Yourself.
It is highly recommended that each ZUMBA instructor have liability insurance, their CPR and First Responder certification as well as a performance license if necessary.

Step Six: Learn as much as possible and have fun!
Apply for gym jobs, work at a small studio, be a private contractor. Just follow your heart and stay true to the ZUMBA way!

Maria Browning, ZUMBA Instructor and Educator

Sweaty Sunday’s: October Zumbathons!


Photo Credit: Samantha Helmold


Photo found on: https://www.facebook.com/events/730829623610524/


Photo found on: https://www.facebook.com/events/730829623610524/

Why October?         

It’s October again, time for pumpkins, candy and of course “Party in Pink”! What is “Party in Pink”? As we all know, October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness month and the international ZUMBA community is ready to lend a hand!

There will be Zumbathons up until Oct. 31st benefiting the Susan G. Komen foundation. According to the official ZUMBA website, 75 percent of the ticket cost will go to breast cancer research.

As of today, at 10:15 a.m. the official ZUMBA website accounted for $139, 417 raised for the cause out of their total $1 million goal.

What is a Zumbathon?

According to nationalbreastcancer.org, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. This is no silly business we are dealing with. Today, a large Zumbathon took place at Walkersville Elementary School in Maryland to help make a change.

Local instructors and ZUMBA enthusiasts danced from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the name of finding a cure. Two hours of dancing went by quickly with as much fun as these guys were having!

While for some people, Walkersville Elementary is only a 20 minute drive away, ZUMBA instructor, Gwen Atkinson, traveled all the way from Kansas. “I came back for this event because I helped last year and the year before. I decided to come back because it’s such a great event and a really good cause,” Atkinson said.

So what was the goal for this enthusiastic ZUMBA group? “Our goal was to unite the community for breast cancer awareness,” Atkinosn said.

Shanda Terry, who just joined the ZUMBA community 8 months ago, has lost 60 pounds dancing to the ZUMBA drum beat. “I came out today just to have fun, exercise and hang out with the instructors. Hopefully the money we raised today can help out with the breast cancer research,” Terry said.

While Rick Smith, a local instructor, was the only male instructor performing on stage today, he was not the only male dancing to the ZUMBA beat today! “This is my first Zumbathon I have taught at! I had so much fun. I think everyone getting together for a good cause is great to see,” Smith said.

Not interested in Zumbathons but want to help?

For those who don’t feel comfortable hitting the dance floor, there is something fun you can do to help that will have you feeling “tickled pink” for the rest of the month of October.

On the official website, the ZUMBA community is selling “party in pink” gear. Everything from nail polish, bracelets, pants to T-shirts are on sale for both men and women and 30 percent of the money will be donated to the cause.

A special thank you to Jesse Roderick and Denise Kurner West who hosted this wonderful event for the community.

Where to find more information




Sweaty Sundays: The styles of ZUMBA

So you’re considering taking a ZUMBA class but are unsure which one to take. Not a problem! Sit back, relax and let me take you through the different lands we have in the world of ZUMBA!


Embarrassed to be seen dancing? Looking for a great low impact workout? If you love water, this is the workout for you! Come into the water, your dance moves will be so sexy you’ll make that pool into a hot tub in no time!

ZUMBA Basics
Hit the dance floor without regret! Try a mix of Latin and other international moves. Shake your hips vigorously to the sound of a contagious beat!

Want a wonderful workout but don’t want to pay for a baby sitter? Have a baby at home and want to bond more? Zumbini is a new innovative workout that can get you and your child moving as one. Caregivers and parents, come out with your children ages 3 and younger to get those bodies moving!

You love your kids, but they are driving you crazy? You need them to get off that sugar high that grandma and grandpa let them get on? ZUMBA can help! Your child will be jumping to the beat in no time!

Scared to start with ZUMBA basics? Not looking forward to being in a room with the younger crowd? Try ZUMBA Gold! You’ll get a great workout, but won’t have to worry about the high impact! Together, you and the rest of your friends can enjoy the energetic instructor working to meet your needs as you dance the night away.

ZUMBA Toning
Want to do some weight lifting but bored of the same old routine? Want to get tone but not look like Popeye? ZUMBA toning uses the basic styles of ZUMBA with weights. That’s right; you’re toning those muscles and strengthening your bones. Humans have weaker bone structures as we get older and it’s important to keep them strong!

ZUMBA Sentao
Looking for something different? Want a challenge? ZUMBA Sentao challenges your mind and body by focusing on mussel work. How? By using a chair. No, it’s not dirty dancing, but using your core to work with the chair in order to get a better workout.

For more information on the different styles of ZUMBA, go to the official website!

One foot in front of the other!

What is ZUMBA?

ZUMBA is a dance workout founded in 2001 by Alberto “Beto” Perez. It incorporates dance steps from all over the world and adds fitness moves to get your heartbeat up! According to the official ZUMBA.com website, 185 countries are participating in this world wide party!

Is ZUMBA really a workout?

Not all of us are born to run on a tread mill. Certainly not all of us are born to be football players or the next NBA star. Most of us hate counting calories and some even refuse to go inside a gym. What are they afraid of? They are afraid to be the largest person in the room, the slowest person on an elliptical and that person who can’t even lift a 5 pound weight. But isn’t going to a gym and going on crazy diets what we are supposed to do to get fit? A person who hates sports will always hate their daily work out right? Not necessarily. How would you feel if you enjoyed going to sweat? If you danced to a rhythm that kept your feet moving so fast…you didn’t even notice you got a work out until the next morning! That’s the goal of ZUMBA. But it is really a work out? Let’s do some math.

According to howmanyarethere.org, a website built on calculating the amount of calories an individual burns doing a type of physical exercise; a 150 pound person can burn approximately 430 calories in a 60 minute ZUMBA session. That’s a lot of calories.

Does ZUMBA mean anything?

No, the word ZUMBA does not mean anything. It was a word invented by the creator, Alberto “Beto” Perez. However, a participant of the ZUMBA culture could argue that ZUMBA represents a group of people letting go of their worries to dance to the rhythm of music from around the world. The following was taken directly from the official ZUMBA website.

“The word ZUMBA® was coined by our company, and is an arbitrary or fanciful word we selected as the original brand name that identifies Zumba Fitness’ dance fitness programs and related products,” ZUMBA.com.

Where do I begin?

For those readers not interested in making a move into a public ZUMBA class or for those wanting to save a few dollars, ZUMBA can be done with a computer in your own home. You don’t have to buy the latest DVDs, even though they are extremely helpful. Just log onto YouTube, lock your bedroom door, close the blinds, and dance away! That’s right, ZUMBA instructors use YouTube to advertise their classes. So don’t be shy, click away. If you like the music, Pandora.com, ITunes and the ZUMBA.com website will be sure to have your favorite ZUMBA jam. Don’t worry too much about the steps at first, just have fun. In my next blog I will review the steps and styles of ZUMBA. Until then, for those adventurous readers ready to jump into the game, try looking up local instructors on the official website.


Links to YouTube Videos

Video one:  Official ZUMBA fitness video


Video two: Male instructor teaching a routine.


Video three: Female instructor teaching a routine.