Hello Everyone,

My name is Shannon Marie Sparks and I’m a certified ZUMBA instructor! Would you pay a few dollars to travel from Spain to Egypt? To feel the cool breeze in Brazil and jump to the hot Jamaican beach? I feel like everyone has something inside of them, some daring part that needs to explore the world. They need to feel a movement to wake up their souls. They need to feel free. I truly believe in the ZUMBA way of life. It’s not just a workout. It’s a freedom of expression. A way to feel sexy…even just for an hour! You may be the mom at home, the business man, the awkward student; but in the land of ZUMBA, you’re a beautiful human being having fun. Nothing more and nothing less. In my blog I will explore all the resources I can to give you. I will give the most accurate information possible about the health benefits, teaching methods, and learning styles of ZUMBA. Read my blog and learn how the latest craze! But more importantly, read my blog to learn about what could be inside of you!

Thank you,

Shannon Sparks

ZUMBA Instructor/Communications Student at Hood College