From dancing in a gym to a first dance? On December 6th, the official ZUMBA Facebook page posted the following.

“Please join us in congratulating Zumba instructors Acea R. Theroux and his soon-to-be-wife, Heather Fletcher! #zumbacouple.”

Is this popular to do? According to the amount of YouTube videos and other sources, it’s very popular indeed.

How are women reacting to this? According to a WordPress blogger, Kristie Enriquez, she loved her man taking the time to dance for her.

Her blog published on Jan. 23, 2013 said the following,”Josh knows me well.  I loved everything about the proposal – the flowers, the ZUMBA dancing, my family being there, his family being there, the vows, the ring. Beautiful.”

What about dancing and then stopping to pop the question? According to an article written on, that’s just what Fitness instructor, known as Pedro did.

The groom didn’t choose to do the proposal in front of just one class, but rather a group of a much bigger size. “Pedro got on one knee and proposed to his partner Maria in front of hundreds of people who joined in Malta’s biggest “fitness party” ever yesterday at the Me-Am-Chic women’s expo in Ta’ Qali,”

From dancing in a group to a one man ZUMBA party, it seems like this may be the latest way to get your lover to say, “I do.”

Would you say yes to your man dancing for your hand in marriage? Or has this trend gone a little too far? Please comment below!

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