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ZUMBA picture found on ZUMBA.com official website. I do not own the rights to this photo.

As you’re watching the snow falling, eating your cookies and drinking your hot chocolate, are you thinking about the latest diet? To be honest, who would?!

However, as soon as January hits, people will be hitting the gym to work off the holiday food and prepare for spring and summer. Once again we will see ads all over the TV claiming they can make you drop weight like it’s nothing.

ZUMBA fitness recognizes that some people will never be a size two; in fact, some people may be healthier as a size 12. So go ahead and enjoy that holiday cake, just do it in moderation!

The new sizing chart brings positivity into all different sizes. According to the ZUMBA official website, XS is not extra- small, it’s called “extra-spicy.” Meanwhile, XL is “extra lovely.”

When shoppers visit their website to purchase items, they will be able to size themselves using a sizing chart that will direct you how to measure yourself the best way you can.

“Here are the things a size won’t tell you: How awesome you are. (Like, ridiculously awesome.) What a great hair day you’re having,” ZUMBA.com. “How good you sound singing in the shower. Ya know the important stuff. It’s not just about a size; it’s about a state of mind.”

Women and men can both benefit to this new sizing chart, but if you’re still nervous about finding out how the product is, just read the reviews on their website.

The reviews are honest and from the buyers themselves; they also contain both positive and negative reviews on items so you can decide for yourself if this is the best item for you.