So we all know there are moments when we just feel like breaking out in dance right? The football players do it when they get a touchdown why can’t the average person?

ZUMBA fitness has an App ready to meet these needs. Dance anywhere, but of course don’t use it while you drive!

“Calling all potential Zumba Dance app lovers! You asked for it, and here it is: The #ZumbaDance app is now available on your smartphone! So you can bring out the party between Zumba classes…and then tuck it neatly away in your back pocket when you’re through. It’s like your personal on-call party to go,” ZUMBA official Facebook.

How does it work?

Create a profile with your age, height and weight to personalize your workout. Then, get started. You can try a song at a time or do a full workout.

A small screen shot of your moves will be in the corner of the game as well as the animated ZUMBA instructor. It will detect your moves.

According to 148apps.com, a site that reviews Apps and rates them individually for potential buyers, the game price may be misleading but is worth it in the end. The $4.99 App comes with six songs to start with but those who wish to purchase more can.

“Additional song packs can be purchased in the store and range from $9.99 for 15 songs $24.99 for 43 new tracks. Furthermore, the app can only read one person at a time so there is currently no Zumba multiplayer for those wishing to compete with friends,” 148apps.com.

Not sold on having an animated ZUMBA instructor? While it may not be enjoyable to some, other ZUMBA games have been very popular.

22-year-old college student, Elizabeth O’Keeffe,  has had a good experience with ZUMBA using the Wii system. “Honestly it does feel like a workout because I have felt the burn and yes I would try ZUMBA in a real life class I just don’t have time to do it,” she said.

Maybe this new ZUMBA App will help individuals who need better time management? Or has the ZUMBA gaming gone too far? Please share your opinion bellow!