Jessie Roderick (left), and Denise West (right) Photo taken from Inspire Fitness LLC Facebook page.

Jessie Roderick (left), and Denise West (right)
Photo taken from Inspire Fitness LLC Facebook page.

For those of you who are shopping around for a place to call your ZUMBA home, you may not have to search very far. Local instructor, Jessie Roderick teaches at multiple locations and is full of energy.

Roderick, licensed since June of 2010, decided to get certified after other instructors encouraged her to go for her full potential. Roderick is licensed to teach ZUMBA basics one and two, Aqua ZUMBA, R.I.P.P.E.D, Coreboxx, and is AFAA Group X certified.

Worried about looking silly in class? This instructor won’t mind, in fact, she may be even more of a goofy person than you!

“I really try to engage people and have fun so it makes them want to take a class and keep coming back. If I have fun and am not super serious people are not intimidated and relax,” she said.

Currently, Roderick teaches at Hood College and Gold’s Gym. For those of you who are Hood students and worried about gaining that college weight, take a class from this instructor and you will definitely feel the burn.

Although many people see only the silly side of Roderick, they don’t know how much they make her day. “When I have people tell me that I have changed their lives for the better, that is a wonderful feeling and it is priceless… and little do they know that they impact my life just as much,” she said.

Still intimidated by ZUMBA? Roderick has some advice, “Anyone can do it, I always tell my people in class  ‘If you don’t get the step perfect it doesn’t matter just have fun.’ If all else fails step touch and shake!”

Roderick is starting her own business with partner Denise West called Inspire Fitness Studio.  “We will offer a wide variety of fitness classes and you will be able to participate by paying per class or packages rather than committing to a monthly membership like most gyms,” she said.

The studio will be located on Gas House Pike in Frederick Md. and the grand opening is currently scheduled at the beginning of 2014. “We want to fill the niche and bring the highest quality instructors all under one roof all while catering to the participants by giving then the best experience possible,” Roderick said.

Inspired by Jessie Roderick? Want to learn more about her? Visit her website or email today to learn more.

Learn how this instructor lives her daily life by the following saying…

“To inspire is great, to inspire is incredible.”