ZUMBA Official Promo Video

So you’re walking into the gym with water and workout gear on hand, but do you have your step ready? That’s right; there’s a new kind of ZUMBA in town. It’s called ZUMBA step.

The new sensation is supposed to help strengthen your legs and glutes, making for a more intense ZUMBA experience.

According to a recent article on examiner.com instructors are currently under training.

The ZUMBA company is advertising its trainings to ZIN members (ZUMBA International Network Members) using a YouTube Video  as one of its outlets.

The video starts off with a woman in a business suit casually walking up the stairs, then her world turns into a ZUMBA party as she transforms into a sexy confident dancer. Meanwhile, the narrator says in the background,” Make your everyday extraordinary.”

Although some instructors are thrilled to have this new training available, others are not so welcoming of this new style. The YouTube comments have blown up to be 124,349 and still counting.

One YouTube user, Sue Venables, wrote,” Sorry, accident waiting to happen. Jumping on and off? No verbal cueing? Don’t they realize that Steppers need basic moves before they can even attempt anything like this? Dreadful. No thanks.”

However, whether the public likes it or not, this will be a new style of ZUMBA. The company itself is proud of the product it is launching. It their latest newsletter they encourage new instructors to try it!

“Keeping true to Zumba’s party atmosphere and hot rhythms, we’ve created a class that will combine interval workouts with muscle strengthening (especially in the lower body!), balance and coordination ZUMBA.com.

So the questions are, will you step, or will you stay grounded in the original ZUMBA ways? Are you only willing to try the traditional ZUMBA classes, or are you looking for the latest workout trends? Please comment bellow.