Are you a new member of the ZUMBA community? Newly certified instructor? The ZUMBA community has so much to offer, Maryland is filled with wonderful groups to join that will have  you dancing all day long!

The first thing a new student or instructor can do is network with local instructors. On the official website you can find a ZUMBA instructor in your area that can help break you into the community.

Joining networks such as Facebook are always a good tool to make some friends in the community. Local instructors will have groups dedicated online to their classes.

Local ZUMBA instructor, Amanda Strand, has a Facebook Page dedicated to her enthusiastic group. Strand teaches at multiple locations including at the Urbana fire hall.

Facebook is also a great way for local instructors to help advertise for opportunities such as job openings. Find the online group for your area and join in on the fun!

For those who love to dress up, some local ZUMBA instructors are throwing Halloween themed classes to change up the routine. Local instructor, Jesse Roderick is having a themed ZUMBA party with her local Hood students Wednesday, Oct. 30th.

Are you introverted? The internet ZUMBA community can help you get to know other people. YouTube is a wonderful place to subscribe to channels of local instructors and get ideas for future classes!

Instructors like Amanda Strand will post videos that can get a discussion going. Want to be in front of the camera instead? Break into the community and volunteer to help dance in a video for a local instructor.

Although there are many ways to break into a new community, one of the best ways is to bring a friend. Come with a friend that will motivate you to have fun and rock the dance floor.