Calling all ZUMBA instructors! The next ZUMBA conference is set for Jan. 31st through Feb. 2nd.

What is a conference?
For all of those new to the ZUMBA community, a ZUMBA conference is a three day event that brings together all ZUMBA fitness instructors.
Why should I attend?
Instructors can network and learn how to advance their skills. Group fitness instructors can also get credit for attending the event and taking the classes.
At these conferences, ZUMBA instructors are offered training sessions to master skills. Classes can include focusing on a certain style of dance to advancing your career.
For those interested in more fun activities, you will not be disappointed! This upcoming conference offers a ZUMBA fitness-concert as well as a Saturday night event theme party.
“In the past we’ve rocked it ’80s-style, danced through the decades, gone global with a world-themed fest and kept it classy with a white party. So what’s up this time, you ask? Join the party and find out,” Official ZUMBA website.
What is a ZUMBA fitness-concert?
ZUMBA instructors travel from all over to attend these concerts. Imagine a concert where there is not the hit of smoke or alcohol. Where everyone is actually good at dancing! You also may see a celebrity there.
This interactive concert will have you jumping up on your feet with everyone else.
Is there a fee?

Yes, the cost of travel, food and tickets come at a price. Currently the price for tickets to attend the conference in advance is $369, for a rush order it costs $399 to attend. Keep in mind this is not including the cost of travel, hotel, gifts to take home or food.