From the back row, to the front of the show, you are now the ZUMBA star of your class. You are the instructors personal stalker, showing up at all his/her classes.
At night clubs, you find yourself using ZUMBA movies, and of course the signature ‘Beto 7’ move created by the master himself! So now, what’s next?
Get ZUMBA licensed of course!
How do you become an instructor?

Step One: Ask your instructor to be a guide.
Everyone needs a guide, so why not ask your favorite instructor to help lead the way? They can help introduce you to the local ZUMA community!

Step Two: Sign up for ZUMBA training near you!
Log onto the official website, decide if you want to get your Basics 1 Training or ZUMBA Gold Training first. The training cost for ZUMBA Basics is $225 in advance, $285 for a rushed purchase. So don’t wait too long to claim your spot! These trainings can fill up.

Step Three: Attend the Training
Clear your day to attend the training. You will dance for hours, make friends, be taught by the best of the best, and by the end the day you will have your license to teach! The day will be filled with lectures on how to make the ZUMBA way work for you and still be true to the company.

Step Four: Join ZIN
ZIN stands for the ZUMBA International Network. It has a monthly fee to join, but for most people this is well worth the money. In order to take anything besides ZUMBA Gold and ZUMBA Basics, you must be a ZIN member. On this website are teaching tips, merchandise, marketing tools, tools to create your own website and much more. Unless you are a ZIN member, your license to teach will expire in one year. This means, the now expired instructor will have to pay and do the training all over again.

Step Five: Protect Yourself.
It is highly recommended that each ZUMBA instructor have liability insurance, their CPR and First Responder certification as well as a performance license if necessary.

Step Six: Learn as much as possible and have fun!
Apply for gym jobs, work at a small studio, be a private contractor. Just follow your heart and stay true to the ZUMBA way!

Maria Browning, ZUMBA Instructor and Educator