So you’re considering taking a ZUMBA class but are unsure which one to take. Not a problem! Sit back, relax and let me take you through the different lands we have in the world of ZUMBA!


Embarrassed to be seen dancing? Looking for a great low impact workout? If you love water, this is the workout for you! Come into the water, your dance moves will be so sexy you’ll make that pool into a hot tub in no time!

ZUMBA Basics
Hit the dance floor without regret! Try a mix of Latin and other international moves. Shake your hips vigorously to the sound of a contagious beat!

Want a wonderful workout but don’t want to pay for a baby sitter? Have a baby at home and want to bond more? Zumbini is a new innovative workout that can get you and your child moving as one. Caregivers and parents, come out with your children ages 3 and younger to get those bodies moving!

You love your kids, but they are driving you crazy? You need them to get off that sugar high that grandma and grandpa let them get on? ZUMBA can help! Your child will be jumping to the beat in no time!

Scared to start with ZUMBA basics? Not looking forward to being in a room with the younger crowd? Try ZUMBA Gold! You’ll get a great workout, but won’t have to worry about the high impact! Together, you and the rest of your friends can enjoy the energetic instructor working to meet your needs as you dance the night away.

ZUMBA Toning
Want to do some weight lifting but bored of the same old routine? Want to get tone but not look like Popeye? ZUMBA toning uses the basic styles of ZUMBA with weights. That’s right; you’re toning those muscles and strengthening your bones. Humans have weaker bone structures as we get older and it’s important to keep them strong!

ZUMBA Sentao
Looking for something different? Want a challenge? ZUMBA Sentao challenges your mind and body by focusing on mussel work. How? By using a chair. No, it’s not dirty dancing, but using your core to work with the chair in order to get a better workout.

For more information on the different styles of ZUMBA, go to the official website!